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ADB automatic

Kategoria: Android software and games Opublikowano: piątek, 01, lipiec 2016 Stefan Wyszyński



ADB automatic application will connect your android rooted device automatically with ADB on a computer. This will allow you to debug apps without even knowing where you put your USB cable :).

Because this is for rooted phones - YOU DONT HAVE TO USE YOUR USB CABLE AT ALL :).

Simply just run the server on your PC, run the android app (turn on the WIFI), click the green button and you are ready to run and debug any apps inside your favorite Intellij or eclipse etc. :).

So, in order to connect android application with ADB on a computer - do the following:

On your PC:

1. download our server APP for the PC ADB_automatic_server (free lightweight portable java server application):

There are two versions of the same software. You can use *.exe or *.jar version.

*.exe version for Windows platform :

Java *.jar version (for windows but should work on Linux too)

2. download java runtime (if you haven't got it already)

3. run the java server application on PC (make sure your firewall won't block any connection with this app). To run this java app on Windows, you will need to use the command "java -jar "ADB automatic server.jar" " or use Windows exe version. You can minimize the application to system tray. 

I didn't try to run this app on the Linux, however, this tool is written in java so "write once - run anywhere" :)

Ok. Now on your android phone:

1. turn on WIFI
2. run ADB automatic application
3. click big button with a green robot (android) and wait
4. don't close the application just exit using home button on your phone - current version of the application must be running in the background.

if the connection is lost (for any reason) you can re-run android application and click the button to stop and again to start the connection.

This application needs some permissions but you don't have to be scared because it's just for connecting with the computer.

Additionally, the application will use ads so there is needing for some extra preferences.
I think that this kind of app is a must have for developers.
Next versions will have options and a GUI will probably change.


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