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Knight Defense Free (match 3)

Kategoria: Android software and games Opublikowano: środa, 01, czerwiec 2016 Stefan Wyszyński

You probably have not seen this kind of game before.

A good game to unwind after a long day and this for free, check it out! :).

1 Features:
- 7 different interesting and animated characters,
- Animated special effects,
- Animated knight who defends himself against meteorites,
- Matching set pieces will save the knight from the attack,
- A lot of interesting sounds,
- The increasing level of difficulty,
- Graphic-style games on the Amiga 1200, or the old games on the PC,
- Relaxing sound of the waves and the sounds of nature in the game :)

2 Help. How to get started:
- As in a typical third match game Match 3 or more identical creatures vertically and horizontally,
- Watch the bottom panel that is active monster that should be adjusted,
- Matching the selected creature will protect the knight before approaching of incoming meteors,
- Combos

I recommend!

Explanation of "Permissions":

INTERNET - ads providers
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - advertising vendors
VIBRATION - Vibration Control



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